UV Purifier

ultra violet base- UV water purifier for residential as well as commercial UV plant.

Water purifier powered by Aquafreshro Group supplies purified water in the municipal area. Specialty of our Aquafreshro Water Purifier is that it does not remove the impurities dissolved in the water. Because of this, such a UV based purification system does not bring any change in the actual taste of the drinking water.

Why Aquafreshro Ro and UV Sterilized System is Preferable

If we opt to install an RO system at the water supply of low TDS, there is a probability that the level of TDS may go down from the desired level. Indeed, it is unsuitable for drinking water. Hence, considering this fact, we provide Aquafreshro Ro UV systems, in which you will find the facility of RO followed by sterilization with UV and a special type of TDS controller.

Purifies Water without Using any Chemical

One thing that sets our Aquafreshro Water Purifier apart from our competitors is we purify the water without the application of any chemical. Furthermore, we have expertise in producing anti-oxidant alkaline type of filters.

Provide 100% Mineralized Water

Our Ro and UV combined water purifier system add the essential minerals to the drinking water. In this way, we have expertise in providing you 100% mineralized water.

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