Warranty condition


·        Warranty with one year Free Service.

·        The Aquafresh RO System is warranted foe theperiod of one year from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defectsarised during the period of warranty.

·        If this aquafresh RO System develops any defectin warranty period ,it will be repaired at free of cost.

·        If this Aquafresh RO System develops any defectduring the prod of warranty please bring the unit with warranty card and salesreceipt to the authorized service Centre.

·        This unit is meant for the domestic use for thefamily of up to 7 members.

·        The warranty shall not apply to replacement ofConsumable parts like filters, membrane etc.

·        Plastic and Glass parts &UV which arebreakable are not covered under this warranty.

·        Liability under the terms of warranty is limitedto the value of the repairs /replacement of the parts found to be defectivewithin the warranty period. All parts which are replaced shall have been becomethe property of the company.

·        The unit shall be installed, used and maintainedin accordance with the instruction manual & used under specified watercondition limits.

·        If the unit is tampered with or opened by anyunauthorized person, the warranty is void.


Amc Term &Condition


Under this Contract “Pure Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers‘’undertakes to maintain your water Purifier installed at the address mentionedas per conditions overleaf . this contract provides for free replacement ofspare parts and periodical service to the Purifier subject to the terms andconditions mentioned  hereafter thecharges for such maintenance are as mentioned :



1.      IN CASE OF Ultra Violet (UV) Purifier Towperiodical service visits per year & in case of Revers Osmosis Twoperiodical service visits per year during the period of contract mentionedoverleaf serviced and adjusted .

2.      Any additional visits during the contract period, as and when required, in the event of any breakdown malfunctioning ofequipment ,on intimation if this regards by the customer.

3.      For UV Purifier replacement of pre filter candlewill be made once (maximum) every year depending upon the condition of theexisting profiler candle during the service contract period .

In case of AG Compact Cartridge two candles per year will be replaced(maximum) depending upon the condition

4.      For UV purifier: replacement of activatedcarbon granules will be made twice /activated carbon block once (Maximum) everyyear during the service contract period.

5.      For Reveres Osmosis : Replacement of parts asper mentioned maximum limit on first page depending upon  the condition during the service contractperiod.



A) The contract shall not cover visit/ replacement of parts under thefollowing circumstance

a)     Damage caused of the equipment due to floodsfire accident not breakage dust misuse improper or negligent use tamperingleakage from pipes etc.

b)     Damage caused to the equipment due to failure toobserve the operation in user’s Manual

c)      Defects due to usage of non-recommended spare

d)     Visits for customer re-training of forre-installation at a different location

e)     Defects/ failure resulting from servicing of‘’Pure Aquafresh RO Water purifiers’.

f)      Where this Equipment is under use for more than8 hours a day continuously unless otherwise agreed in writing by ‘’PureAquafresh RO water purifiers’.

g)     There is a waiting period for 3 months on Pumpand SMPS repair on renewal of discontinued AMC or fresh new AMC.

h)     Waiting perion is not valid for without breakrenewed AMC. It means that AMC must be renewed before expiry or within waitingperiod of 7 days after expiry

i)       Any false or unnecessary visit made by us ondemand/ request called by the customer then this visit has to be charged.

With regard to repairing the existing worn-put defectivepart(s) or replacing the same and ascertaining the presence of abovecircumstances the decision of ‘Pure Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers’ ‘Shall befinal.

In any such event , ‘’Pure Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers’’will submit a prior estimate for approval or bill for the carried out at theprevailing rates.

All order Price is the combination of Part A and Part B.Part A is the details of consumable parts which has to be used in this contractperiod and this is not refundable. Parts B is the details of the AMC and it canbe refundable on the pro-data basis either by Customer or by the Company at anymovement.

A.     The Life  of Consumable parts dependsupon the quantity of usage & the Quality of the input water  so any extra part/ parts (Above the maximumLimits) can be used at the request of customer which will be changed extra atthe prevailing rated.

B.     Services under this contract exclude theFollowing:

a)     Painting or the body top and bottom panels andanodizing the treatment chambers and electronic housing.

b)     Chrome plating of nuts and other stylingdecorate material’s

C.     The equipment must be in good working conditionand the same to be certified by the authorized representative of ‘’PureAquafresh RO Water Purifiers’’ before this contract becomes effective thecustomer shall pay the necessary charges in the first instance for rending theequipment so workable for which ‘’pure Aquafresh RO Water Purifers’’ willsubmit an estimate the next day of date of termination of the warranty periodor previous contract period.

D.     The equipment should be made available forservicing as na when our Technician call on this periodical servicing visitFailure to do so will be treated as service rendered and no refund shall accrueon this account

E.      Every visit by our Authorised Service Technicianwill be made within reasonable time from receipt of a complaint for breakdownof the equipment and will be made only during working Hours of ServiceDepartment no visit will made on Saturday ,Sundays/ Holidays.

F.      The liability of ‘Pure Aquafresh RO WaterPurifiers’ shall be limited be limited to providing service and replaceingspares as covered by this contract and ‘’Pure Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers’’not be liable for damages , death ,injuries or any purifiers’’ not be liablefor damages death injuries any consequential damages of what so ever nature toany person or property, by use or operation of the product

G.    In order to enable ‘’pure Aquafresh RO WaterPure Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers’’ discharge its obligation under this contractthe customer shall notify in writing any change in address within 10 days ofsuch change. In default whereof ‘’Pure Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers  shall not be obligation under this contracttill it receives such an-intimation from the customer. In such an event theremoval and re-installation of the Purifier/ Attachment will be done at anadditional cost as per the rates prevailing on that date.

H.     This contract is not transferable in the eventof resale/ gift to any other person.

I.       The service contract is offered only within themunicipal limits of your city However an additional amount of RS. 99/- will becharged extra for each visit made beyond these limits but within themetropolitan area and will have to be paid in cash to the service Technicianattending for which a cash memo/bill will be given.

J.       Contract charges an payable by Cash or Cheque/DD Favoring ‘’Pure Aquresh RO Water Purifiers’’ In advance and payment shallaccompany the signed copy of the contract such payment shall be realized beforethe commencement of the contract period.

K.     Renewal of the Service Contract after its expirywill be at the sole discretion of ‘’Pure Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers anddepending upon the model/age of the product

L.      In the event of any complaint Please quote yourname address and the contract number number to the authorized service Centre.

M.   This contract sets out all the terms andconditions of which ‘’Pure Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers’’ agrees to servicesthe equipment and cancels and supersedes all prior agreement undertaking or

N.    Up gradation : in case product needs upgradation due to reason not under control of ‘’Pure Aquafresh RO Water reasonnot under control of ‘’Pure Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers’’ Customer has toaccept up gradation at prevailing rate.

O.    Subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.




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