Aquafresh Dolphin RO

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Aquafresh Dolphin RO
With a water storage tank of 8 litres and the purifying capacity of 120 litres per day, Aquafresh Dolphin RO is a perfect RO for home use. Its six-stage purification that removes the impurities in the water to the core is the add-on factor in this RO. The Dolphin RO has fully automatic water level sensor with Auto-start / Auto-off, weighs just 9.5 Kg with dimensions L 415 W 265 H 524 m.m, which making it very handy and can be installed anywhere. Aquafresh Dolphin RO does not consume much electricity as it has a power rating of just 30W.>
Features :-

In-built transparent storage tank of capacity: 8 litres.

No of Stages: 6 (1+5).

Reverse Osmosis Technology

Anti-bacteria 3-in-1 Silver Doser, Taste Conditioner and Activated Carbon as post treatment of RO, to enhance the shelf life & taste of water.

Dimensions: W 335 D 235 H455

Built-in SMPS to operate from 120~280 V AC for electric voltage supply.

Purification Capacity: Up to 12 lph†

Fully automatic water level sensor with Auto-start / Auto-off.

Reverse Osmosis Technology.
Flushing system to flush out impurities & to enhance membrane life.

Wall-mount cum Counter-top water purifier.
SL.No. Parameter Specification


Purification capacity 10-12* Litres per hour *


Max Duty Cycle 120 liters per Day


Storage Tank Capacity 8  Litres


 6 stages Purification .
  1. Pre-Candle,
  2. Sediment Cartridge,
  3. Activated Carbon,
  4. RO
  5. Post Corbon,
  6. TDS Minimiser,


RO Membrane 1812-75 GPD


Minimum Inlet  Water Pressure 0.3 kg/sq cm


Maximum Inlet water Pressure 2 kg/sq cm ( if input water pressure is more than 2kg/sq cm , install PRV before the Unit)


Input Voltage 160-300V  AC ( 50Hz)


Operating Voltage 24V DC


Input water Temperature Min 5 Celsius & Max 50 Celsius


Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Up to 2000 ppm


Total Hardness 500  ppm (max)


Rejection of TDS Up to 95%


Recovery Up to 25%


Dimensions   (mm)  L 415  W 265  H 524


Net Weight 9.5 kgs.


Power rating 30 W

Warranty: Six Month Warranty on Electrical Power Supply and Pump. The service visiting charge of two hundred fifty applies in the six-month warranty period. Installation costs you rupees five hundred.

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Product Details:-

  • Purification:RO Technology
  • Stages:6 Stage water purifier
  • Tank Capacity: 9 Liters (total Volume)
  • RO Installation:Aquafresh RO Installation

Product Key Specifications :-

  • RO-Membrane Type: 1812-75 Thin Film
  • Filters: Sediment, Carbon, Spun candle.
  • TDS Rejection: 90% (2000 Max.- TDS)
  • Max. Hardness: 500 mg/ltr


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