Service Kit 2499 Details

RO water purifier requires periodical service after some intervals to maintain the purity and shell life of water purifier. Our 2499 service kit contains 4 Filter elements to replace in RO system.

  • Spun Candle: Remove physical impurities like dust, mud etc.
  • Sediment Cartridge: Remove physical impurities like dust, mud etc.
  • Carbon Cartridge: Reduce Chemical impurities like chorines etc.
  • RO Membrane: It remove 90% (+/- 5%) of TDS

Our Task

  • Service of the unit
  • Change of pre-candle
  • Change of Sediment Cartridge
  • Change of Carbon Cartridge
  • Change of RO-Membrane
  • It includes the visiting charges

Additional Info

  • After 12 months RO needs to change all these 4 filters.
  • Pre-Filter traps 5 micron physical dust.
  • Sediment Cartridge traps 1-5 micron physical impurities like dust, mud etc.
  • Carbon Cartridge absorbs the bad smell, bad colour, bad taste. It caused due to chemical impurities.
  • RO Membrane removes 90% (+/- 5%) of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from the water. It softs your water and remove microbiological impurities like bacteria virus fungi protozoa etc.
  • It is very necessary to change these filters after specific intervals (12 months) to maintain the purity of your equipment.
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