Aquafresh 25 lph ro plant

Aquafresh 25 LPH RO water purification equipment

25 LPH RO – Product Information

Aquafresh 25 LPH RO Plant are very popular in small offices, clinics, play schools, big family houses etc. It gives crystal clear water for semi commercial use, it produces 25 liter per hour (LPH) 100% safe and pure water for drinking water.

It could be fixed it as pre-cooler installation as well as before water dispenser. It has heavy duty Booster pump to deliver 25 LPH purified water every time when you needed as that you no need to purchase expensive bottle water from the market.

Aquafresh 25 lph RO with water cooler

25 LPH RO Some More Info

  • This is wall mount RO System and it can be attached (pre-fixed) with water cooler and also with water dispenser.
  • It can purify your hard water with below 1500 TDS Level (preferred)¬† and it can be used for all type of water like bore-well, mixed and supply water.
  • Built-in SMPS to operate from 120~280 V AC for
    erratic voltage supply and has six water purification stages.
  • It is easy to maintain and has low cost recurring expenses.

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Get this Semi-Commercial 25 LPH RO water purifier to fulfill your needs and relax for water problem and water born diseases.

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