Aquafresh 50 LPH RO water purifier equipment

50 LPH RO Product Information

Aquafresh 50 lph commercial RO water purifier are most popular product in industry for commercial use. It usually install before water cooler and operate automatically with additional gadget water level sensor inside the water cooler to operate auto off & on the RO system without any human involvement .

It is widely used product specially in small & big offices, schools, hospitals, Industries, etc. it has heavy duty pump and 4 membranes to deliver constant water as per customers’ requirement.

50 LPH RO – Some More Info


  • It is wall-mount cum Counter-top water purifier and it can be attached with water cooler.
  • It can purify your all types of water source from hard water, mixed water & supply water.
  • Convenience of bottled water within your own premises.
  • No more risk of purchasing spurious bottled water.
  • No more hassles of stocking and carrying of bottles.

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With your own RO system running pure water any time in a day, you can have as much as pure water all you want, at the touch of the finger. Free to use fresh, clear & safe drinking water for your staff.

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