75 LPH RO Plant

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75 LPH RO Plant Description:

The 75 LPH RO plant is a reverse osmosis water purification technology which can generate 75 liters of purified water per hour. It is generally used in commercial and industrial applications, such as restaurants, cafes, offices, and small factories.  Aquafresh offers you best RO + UV Purifier in Steel Cabinet. The production volume of this purifier is 75 Liters per Hour.

    • The purifier contains 300 GPD cartridges namely 2 Carbon filter, 2 Sediment Filter, 2 Sealed RO Membrane, 2 Stainless Steel UV Chamber.
    • The Carbon filter eliminates  chemical contamination of chlorine/chloramines/fluorides etc and also eliminates any bad fragrance and flavor from the feed water.
    • The sediment filter eliminates the molecules contamination of sand/silt/rust algae molecules etc.
    • The RO Membrane eliminates any hardness or salt content from the input water and decreases es its TDS value.
    • The UV Chamber is stainless steel lined from inside and comes with standard Philips UV Tube and Ballast/Chalk.
    • Shelf top model & Wall Mountable
    • Carbon filter with high 1200 IV value
    • High quality, Heavy duty, easy to service yourself
    • This is applicable for water of TDS from 50 to 2500.
    • Handy product installation guide included in the supply package
    • Filtration Speed: 75 to 80 Liters/hour
    • Electrical Consumption: 24 watts max.
    • Input water Pressure – (30-40) PSI
    • Input Voltage – 100-300 VAC (50 Hz)
    • Net Weight – 15 Kg

75 LPH RO Plant Advantages:

RO Plant Price is Rs.19990/-  Prices are excluding GST 18%
  1. Impressive design with Wall-mount cum Counter-top installation option.
  2. Additional triple post RO treatment to provide better taste in water with antibacterial 3-in-1- Silver Doser, Taste Conditioner and Activated Carbon.
  3. Can be Attached with Water Cooler or Dispenser
  4. Auto-Start/ Auto-Stop water level cut-off available.
  5. Purification Capacity of 75 Litre/Hour.
  6. Built-in SMPS to operate from 120-280 V AC for unstable supply.
  7. Optional Built-in storage tank with a purified water level indicator.
  8. Institutional RO with In-built flushing system to flush out any impurities.75 LPH

75 LPH RO Plant Specification:



Purification Capacity 75 LPH
Max Duty Cycle 55-60 %
Purification Stages 1.Carbon filter, Sediment filter, 2 Sealed RO Membrane & 2 Stainless Steel UV Chamber.

RO Membrane

300 GPD
Input Voltage


100-300 V DC

Automatic Grade



50 HZ
Capacity of RO 75 LPH
Phase 3 Phases, also available in Single
The material of Construction FRP
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 50-2500 PPM
Note: Installation Charges Rs.750 and Visit Charges Rs.250 apply in one warranty period.


  • Which are the advantages of using a 75 LPH RO plant?
  • 75 LPH RO plant systems productively eliminate bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, heavy metals, dissolved solids, and organic chemicals from water. It as well as enhances flavor and fragrance.
  • What is the installation procedure of 75 LPH RO plant?
  • Installing an RO plant generally involves connecting it to the incoming water supply line, drain line, and storage tank. A qualified technician should perform the installation to ensure proper operation.





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